Welcome to BerriHealth.  We're a small company out in Oregon with big ideas about doing things the right way when it comes to all of our products.  We got started providing our freeze-dried black raspberry powder to universities for clinical trials, and eventually we figured out it made sense to offer those same products directly to everyone else!  Take a look at a few of the authentic black raspberry products we offer:

We are all about

Oregon Farms

Our partner farms must submit their black raspberries (rubus occidentalis) for extensive testing and go through a qualifying process before we use a single berry they grow in our products. Everything from growing practices to chemical use is reviewed. This ensures we use only the best whole black raspberries in our freeze-dried products and extract.


Working with our customers is the number one priority for each member of our team. When you call or e-mail you will get a response directly from one of us giving you thought-out answers on your questions. Our backgrounds range from Chemistry and Medicine, to the in-depth knowledge of black raspberries and cancer research brought by Dr. Gary Stoner.


We often pay double the market rate for our black raspberries, because we want the best. We then prove it by testing them. Our berries are used in clinical trials at many top research universities here in the United States because of their high quality and levels of beneficial phytonutrients, as well as our strict approach to growing, quality control, and product testing.


Our gentle packaging technology* locks out air, humidity, and harmful UV rays, keeping our products shelf-stable for years. Our packaging is made from a metal-composite material to ensure the beneficial compounds found in our black raspberries are protected.