Whole/Pieces - Freeze-Dried Black Raspberries - 28 Gram Pouch


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Product Highlights - Whole and Pieces of Freeze-Dried Black Raspberries

Please note that this product has changed to a 28 Gram Pouch size, containing 7 servings of whole freeze-dried black raspberries (some pieces too).

We are one of the only companies that offers whole freeze-dried black raspberries. Not only do the whole berries make a great and fulfilling snack throughout the day, they are also the same berries we use to make our freeze-dried black raspberry powder. We have nothing to hide when it comes to the quality of our berries.

Our freeze-dried black raspberries are used in clinical trials at multiple top research universities here in the United States. Our berries are used because of their high quality and levels of beneficial nutrients, as well as our strict approach to quality control and product testing.

Freeze-drying technology allows us to remove the water from black raspberries without removing any of the unique phytonutrients found in the berry. Our gentle packaging technology* locks out air, humidity, and harmful UV rays, keeping our products shelf-stable for years.

  • Created in partnership with two select farms using only the highest-quality Oregon black raspberries (rubus occidentalis).

  • One package contains 7 servings of delicious black raspberries, freeze-dried for a convenient snack.

  • Extensively tested for product quality at every level, from the berries on the vine to the package shipped to your door.

  • One of the most studied, nutrient-rich berries in the world.

  • Hi-tech gentle-packed* pouches keep your product protected from moisture, light, and oxygen. You can taste the difference in our product.

Usage Information

Each serving is 4 grams, or around 1/6 cup and is equal to one USDA serving of about 20 black raspberries. Try out our Berry Calculator to get equivalent servings for various black raspberry products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Freeze Dried Black Raspberries Superb

I have ordered a lot of the freeze dried raspberries. They are wonderful. The company provides great customer services. Everything comes very quickly and complete I would definitely recommend them to you!





BEST berries I have ever tasted!

I ordered the freeze-dried black raspberries and am overwhelmed at how delicious and flavorful they are. Don't think of the "usual" freeze dried product when it comes to these berries. These are the best freeze-dried fruit I've ever tasted. A real treasure!

5 star

Whole/Pieces - Freeze-Dried Black Raspberries - 28 Gram Pouches

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