Authentic 1000 mg Black Raspberry Lozenges - Bottle of 30

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February 2022 Update: Unfortunately due to a variety of manufacturing issues, we are out of stock on our lozenges. We are currently working on finding a partner that will enable us to manufacture this product with the consistent quality we expect for our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Long-Lasting Natural Polyphenol Lozenge

Each black raspberry lozenge is packed full of 1,000 mg of seedless black raspberry powder, along with a touch of organic honey, to provide a healthy, delicious black raspberry lozenge full of polyphenol antioxidant compounds. We produce our lozenges without sugary syrups or high heat to keep the focus on what's important - the black raspberries themselves!

Authentic Black Raspberries

We put a lot of work into growing the black raspberries we put in all of our products. With recent studies showing that many black raspberry supplements contain little-to-no black raspberry, being authentic is more important than ever. Just compare our black raspberry lozenges to a few other products on the market and you can see the difference right away.

Freeze-Dried Nutrition

Freeze-drying technology allows us to remove the water from black raspberries without removing any of the unique phytonutrients found in the berry. After filtering out the seeds, there are over 6 black raspberries in every lozenge!

Usage Information

Take one lozenge and place in mouth until fully dissolved for optimal effectiveness. For a boost of healthy anthocyanins*, take one to four lozenges a day.


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george h.

Authentic 1000 mg Black Raspberry Lozenges - Bottle of 30

Annetta C.



To get recommended dose of 40 black raspberries, we need to take 8 lozenges everyday. Is this correct? I read from one of your article that 300mg freeze dried powder is equal to 1.5 berries. So 1000mg will be equal to 5 berries. So a box of 30 lozenges will last only 3-4 days. Please clarify. Thanks.

Hi Shridhar - Thanks for your question! The lozenges are specifically designed to slowly dissolve over 5-10 minutes so that the cells in your mouth and throat get prolonged contact with the healthy phytonutrients in the berry. If you are looking for the best way to get 40 black raspberries a day, our black raspberry powder is definitely the product to use, not the lozenges. Hope that helps!

Nora H.

The lozenges keep my tongue and throat healthy.

Pennsylvania C.
Love the black raspberry products

Use the black raspberry powder and now the lozenges everyday. Would love if the freeze dried berries came back!

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