Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 4 Gram Convenience Packs - Box of 10


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Product Highlights

We take whole black raspberries, freeze-dry them, and turn them into powder. This means you get a great powder you can add into drinks, smoothies, cereal, or other food, while still knowing you are getting high-quality berries and not a puree. How can you tell? Check out the fiber in our product vs. others! Each bag contains one serving of around 20 freeze-dried black raspberries (rubus occidentalis).

Our freeze-dried black raspberries are used in clinical trials at multiple top research universities here in the United States. Our berries are used because of their high quality and levels of beneficial nutrients, as well as our strict approach to quality control and product testing.

Freeze-drying technology allows us to remove the water from black raspberries without removing any of the unique phytonutrients found in the berry. We use gentle packaging technology* to seal your powder in a metal-composite bag that is specially engineered to prevent any moisture, oxygen, or UV light from penetrating it.

  • Created in partnership with two select farms using only the highest-quality Oregon black raspberries.

  • Extensively tested for product quality consistent with the requirements for clinical trials.

  • One of the most studied, nutrient-rich berries in the world.

  • Hi-tech gentle-packed* pouches keep your product protected from moisture, light, and oxygen. You can taste the difference in our product.

Usage Information

Each serving is 4 grams, or around 1 teaspoons and is equal to around 20 whole black raspberries. Add this powder to a drink, cereal, oatmeal, or a smoothie. Take the powder with water or some other liquid. Try out our Berry Calculator to get equivalent servings for various black raspberry products.



A simply delicious and nutritious tea, that is sure to become one of your favorite ways to enjoy our great berry powders!
IMG_2084 BR Powder and Iced Tea and lemon wedge.JPG



  • Your favorite tea
  • 1 packet of Black Raspberry Powder.
  • Lemon wedge
  • Honey or your sweetener of choice, if you like your ice tea sweeter


Brew your favorite tea and let it cool down a bit. It’s best to add our Black Raspberry Powder to cooler liquids to maintain all the nutritional compounds. In a large glass, make a slurry with the Black Raspberry Powder:  Put 1 packet of Black Raspberry Powder in your glass and add a couple of teaspoons of water.  Whisk together the powder and water  until you have a smooth paste or slurry. Now, slowly add your cooled tea and honey, then stir briskly.  Fill up your glass with ice and finish with a squeeze of lemon to complete your tasty and healthy ice tea.  Grab some oat cake cookies and the scene is set for a relaxing break!


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Customer Reviews

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Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 4 Gram Convenience Packs - Box of 10

Outstanding - health benefits

Helpful with seasonal allergy symptoms. I tried the ice tea recipe on your site, which is very good. I usually include black raspberry in yogurt which I make myself.

Freezes dried black raspberry powder

Amazing product

Berri Packets

I bought the box of 10 small packets for traveling and to just try the Berries out. The taste is not sweet by any means but it's not too bad. You really need to mix it up good in a glass or water bottle. I think I'd try the Berri Extract next time. I wish it was a little sweeter though.
Haven't had any benefits because I just started taking it.


Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 4 Gram Convenience Packs - Box of 10

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