A Very Special Hot Fudge Sauce February 02 2015, 0 Comments


Black Raspberry Hot Fudge Sauce

Silky hot fudge cascading over scoops of creamy ice cream. Tuck a chewy brownie or a thick slice of chocolate cake underneath and it's hard to beat that for a dessert!  But if you want to surprise your family and friends with a rich, sweet layer of flavor, try adding our Black Raspberry Extract to your next hot fudge sauce.

Since many people have not had black raspberry, you get to treat them to a unique experience that is absolutely delicious. And as an added bonus, you make a healthier version of hot fudge because black raspberry extract is loaded with nutritious antioxidants and anthocyanins. You serve an indulgent dessert minus the twinges of guilt.

Black Raspberry Hot Fudge Sauce is easy to make. Use your favorite hot fudge recipe and when you’re all done making it, just stir in the black raspberry extract to the warm sauce. How much you add is up to you. For a subtle hint of special sweetness, blend in just a couple of teaspoons. For a complex fruity burst of flavor, add ⅛ - ¼ cup of extract to about 2 cups of sauce. The fun part will be you get to do a lot of taste testing!

Pour this sauce in a jar, tie a bow around it and you have a unique and luscious gift to take to neighbors over the holidays or to your friend's house paired with a container of gourmet ice cream. And for the chocolate lover in your life, you can always give your special someone a jar of this very special hot fudge sauce on Valentine's Day!