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Love This Product!

We really have enjoyed the Berry Bundle Sampler. The taste of the extract and powder are very flavorful - it tastes just as I hoped it would - delicious! The color is beautiful and we enjoy drinking it in water and adding it to yogurt. The customer service has been great so far, and checkout was a breeze. I loved getting email notifications that my shipment was out for delivery so that I could grab it when it arrived so it didn't sit outside in the summer heat. Thanks for a great product - we'll be ordering more!

berry berry good. In fact it was the berri best I've ever tasted. Will order more

The best of the best !

Fast friendly service for an excellent product !!

BerriHealth Premium Alcohol Free Black Raspberry Extract

I received this product in a timely manner. I love the taste and convenience of the black raspberry extract. I look forward to learning more about the health benefits of these wonderful black raspberries! I also enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with an individual in the management of the company, who was very happy to answer my myriad of questions. Thank you!

Excellent products

The black raspberry powder and extract are delicious! The order was shipped the very same day and I received it the following day! Great service!! Will definitely be purchasing again! Thank you!

Excellent Product and Service!

I've always loved black raspberries but had a problem finding them until Berrihealth. I put the powder in my oatmeal along with some walnuts for a good, healthy meal. Now eating my oats is a treat and something to look forward to every day. The ordering process was smooth and the product was delivered amazingly quickly. I've used the powder for about three years and know it's something I'll continue using for years.


Exactly as described. Excellent quality. Goes great in my morning smoothie!

Great products!

Heard about your products from a cancer survivor and as I was recently diagnosed thought I’d give them a try...wonderful products! Very tasty and glad to be giving my body an extra boost of health...thank you for your hard work!



Black raspberry powder

Tastes wonderful ! Would like it to be a little stronger. Had to use double reccomended amount


Not an in-depth review, I'm afraid. The package arrived promptly and safely. I take two heaping teaspoons of the powder a day, so it will be awhile before I order more. Thank you.

Powder packs

I purchased 10 packets of the powder, I was happy to find a discount coupon that knocked off 10%! Not only that, I learned I can take off 15% on a future order because I spent a minimum $100. The shipping was prompt and well packaged. I will likely use this company in the future, this is a high-end product that is instrumental in making detox smoothies under the care of my doctor.

The best purest quality product!

I use my Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder every morning in a smoothie. I ordered 3x100g pouches. The best purest quality I have ever tasted. It supposed to help heal, and possibly prevent Barrett Esophagus, tissue scaring caused by damage from acid reflux. I don't have Barrett Esophagus, I do get acid reflux and have been managing it well with diet and supplements. This Freeze-Black Raspberry Powder is at the top of my supplement list and it doesn't hurt that it is so delicious.

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouches

Great experience, start to finish!

This was my first time ordering anything from Berrihealth, and as I don't do a lot of online shopping, I was leery. That said, the product was delivered within days of me ordering it, and I've just received a letter inquiring as to whether the product was satisfactory. It is! The powder tastes exactly like black raspberries. I just drink it straight, but it's easy to add to smoothies, yogurt etc. Great company with great customer service!

Fantastic product!

We love it. Taste great! Highly recommend. Will order again

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouches

Excellent company

I don't know if this is a review for just the delivery of the extract or if you wanted to hear how I am reacting to it. I received the bottles quickly and am using the raspberry extract but each time I take a sip I get flushing and I am quite sure that there is no alcohol in the extract but it is strange that I keep getting the flushing. Maybe my system needs to get used to the black raspberry extract so I am going to keep using it since I just found out that I have tumors growing and have some new tumors. Hopefully the extract will help.

Great Product from a fantastic company

This product is like a fine wine of healthy food. The research, technique and final enjoyment are close to perfect. I highly recommend this and all Berrihealth's products.

i love the taste and how dark the berry power is health wise keeps white blood count normal

Excellent Product

Same outstanding quality. Black raspberry tea helps with my spring allergies.

The Berry Bundle Sampler - Black Raspberry Powder, Single Serving Packs, and Extract

Great group of products at a discounted price.

I have loved black raspberries since I was a child and the neighbor let us pick his berry bushes. They are hard to find in the stores. I’ve used the powder and extract in protein shakes, nice cream, and cookies. Love the flavor.

Extract is Excellent for GERD

After taking a spoon of extract every night before bed, my GERD has disappeared. I love to think of the positive effects it’s having on the esophagus lining and throat as I sleep. I’m very happy with Berrihealth products.