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a superfood with a natural high

I can't believe how good these Black Raspberry powders make me feel! Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful product forward. It seems like a natural anti-depressant to me.


What suggestions can you offer on foods to use the product on?

Hi Lisa - We usually add the powder to smoothies, salads, oatmeal and cereal, as well as just mixing it in with water or juice. We do have some specific recipes on our website here: If you are looking for something specific that you can't find, please let us know! We love getting to try out new ways to use our black raspberries.

I was so excited when I found you and miserable when I tasted it lt was horrible!

Hi Melanie - So sorry you didn't like the taste of the lozenges! If you would like to try a different product, or have ordered in the past 30 days and would like a refund, please use our contact form and let us know. We grow our own berries and make all of our own products, so making sure our customers are happy is our first priority.
Fantastic product

Always as good experience and owners deal directly with me. Thank you

Good stuff!

Seems to be helping with my wife's oral cancer.

Thank you!

All delivered. Customer service nicely answered all questions. Thank you.

Healthy Appearance

Great color confirms quality and sealed in a quality pouch for freshness.

Good product-good company

Always a pleasant doing business with this company. Quality of product is excellent. It's the only source of freeze dried dried black raspberry powder that I use.

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouches

Berry Bundle Sampler

Good company to deal with - Good products - Fast delivery -
And I like the product that I purchased - Plus, I'll be ordering
more later !

Fast shipment

I have received the berries, thank you very much. Seller was very helpful in answering questions about the product. All is nicely packed and beautiful. Hope it works like it looks :)

Authentic 1000 mg Black Raspberry Lozenges - Bottle of 30


I like the convenience of the Lozenges but personally I think I prefer the powder that I can sprinkle on my toast in the morning

Missed this product

Too much natural berries raises my glucose -- normally well maintained. I was very happy to recorder 3 pouches of the Black Raspberry powder. Excited to see if I get same results as I did before going away in mid-2017. I only use 1/2 teaspoon in my morning shake. Feeling great. I will increase to 1 tsp in 2 weeks. Wife enjoys it too.

Hopefully an improved me awaits...

Everything points to a big improvement.

Freeze-dried Black Raspberry Powder


An excellent product

I first bought it for the health benefits. (There's good information on it in PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed journals. A search is easy.) But it tastes good too.

It's not good for hi-octane sugar addicts--though the freeze dried berries and pieces are pleasantly sweet. For some reason, mixing the powder in with almond butter seems to make it quite sweet to me. (I haven't tried other nut butters yet.) The powder would certainly pair well with a French vanilla ice cream.also. I'm always experimenting with things to add it to.

The extract doesn't have a strong taste, though perhaps slightly medicinal--and is good for getting my black raspberries, in a tea drink. (Though I put it in when the tea is getting cooler, as I've been told that putting it in boiling water would reduce some of the nutrients.)

A healthful product, grown in the U.S., and sold by a small business (which has absolutely great service)--it's hard to ask for anything more. I'm a repeat and happy customer--and will continue to buy black raspberries from Berrihealth.

So far so good

I appreciate the company makes this available in different forms. Also no filler. Easy to put into a shaker.

Top notch product and people

You cannot ask for a better product, better people helping you or continual improvements in packaging. Hats off to all at Berri Health.

Great product and quick delivery to UK

The lozenges are really good. I recommend them. Just need to find a way to reduce shipping costs to the U.K.

The Berry Bundle Sampler - Black Raspberry Powder, Single Serving Packs, and Extract

Kept me going

I have Crohn’s disease and have trouble digesting fruit. Your products get me the nutrition I need to stay healthy

Black raspberry lozenges

Love these lozenges, I have Barrett’s esophagus and these lozenges really soothe!!!