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Powder has a great taste and gets combined with my cereal breakfast as well as for other items such as to combine with ice cream and muffins


Great way to get the above! I use a generous teaspoon everyday. I understand that it can improve brain health.

Five Stars

Pleased with the ordering process and very pleased with the product!!

Love the Black Raspberry Gummies!

These taste ridiculously good! I have to stop myself everytime from eating the whole package once I open it!

Great Bundle

Very pleased with my BerriHealth bundle. Enjoying the great taste and nutrition along with my other health supplements. Thanks!

I like this.

I have been using this product for about 6 months and I do like it.

Excellent product! Been using for cpl yrs now. Impressed!

We use this to make black raspberry ice cream! Yummy!!

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouch

Immune support

Use the black raspberry powder daily, haven't been sick in months.

BerriHealth Premium Alcohol Free Black Raspberry Extract - 2 oz Glass Bottle

Blackberry powder

Excellent! Missed it!

Love this product.

Should not be without this product!

About 4 years ago I heard several health experts on the Food Revolution tout the benefit of Black Raspberry powder. Like those doctors & nutritionists I have been adding it to my smoothies or oatmeal 5 times a week. We own 3 homes in 3 different areas & I have this product in the pantry of all 3. Yummy & oh so nutrient dense. Thanks for continuing to offer this amazing food.

Great product

Easy to use great flavour
Reminds me of when my grandmother and I would find black caps while looking for thimbleberries

Black Raspberry Power

I love this healthy powder; it is easy to use, healthy for you and delicious in/on many foods. It also was easy to order and shipment was quick and easy. Thank you.

Natural Medicine Never Tasted So Good

I brought my first packages of the Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder after I read Dr. William Li's book, Eat To Beat Disease. I make a smoothie every morning, with organic soy milk and frozen blueberries; sometimes a banana and chia seeds, and always with one teaspoon of the powder. Knowing that I'm also supporting a family-owned business with exemplary standards for farming and production: doubles my satisfaction! Thank You!!!

Great product

Gummies taste great, not too sweet, not too tart. Powder goes great in the morning smoothie!

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouch

Very pleased!

Always order dried cranberries…they’re great! And delivery is quick!

So far so good!

Great bundle and a nice way to implement black raspberry in different forms. Thank you!

A Berry good time

Been using your products for 2 years now - they are excellent!

Great taste

This Balck Raspberry powder tastes great