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Black raspberry powder

We are very happy with the ease and speed of getting this product. It is very yummy mixed with vanilla yogurt. Makes a great desert with good health benefits. We will be ordering more.

Berri Powder

I enjoy the raspberry powder very much. It's delicious and I can use it in many different ways as a drink in yogurt and in baking.

Good customer service

Quick replies to emails, quick ship, great product

Black Rasberry Lozenge

Quick delivery. First time buyer and I wasn't sure if my husband would like the taste (he's kinda picky :) But he said they taste fine. I like that it is in a lozenge form. Because of the anti cancer benefits of black rasberry we have decided to make this product part of our daily protocal.

Bundle is a great deal!

Convenient packets, drops and powder for all possible uses! Excellent in smoothies or stand alone in water. Second time I have purchased this in the last 30 days.

Excited to add this to my regime

When I read about the health benefits of black raspberries, I knew I had to try this product. It tastes really great and seems to be very high quality. In the future I will probably order just the large bag of the powder as it suits my needs the best.

Very Pleased!

Dissolves readily in water and taste just like wild black raspberries.
Take it every morning in water.

Delicious, esp good on the GO!

Delicious in my smoothies or yogurt, especially when I can't find fresh berries or they cost too much. This is concentrated nutrition!

Great product

Excellent flavor even when mixing with nothing but water.


Prompt delivery, excellent product

A Little Black Raspberry

I love this product! I keep a bottle at home and one at my office so I never miss out. Great product! Highly recommend this one and all of BerriHealth's products. The black raspberry powder is easy and convenient to use in your meal replacement shakes. The lozenges are also something I have at home, at my office and carry one in my purse.


I purchased from BerriHealth for the first time. I am pleased with their quick delivery and friendly attitude. The powdered Black Raspberries seem to be of an excellent quality. I plan on making a much larger order within a few weeks.

Great products, fast shipping

Very pleased with all the products I received. I had purchased the powder on Amazon the first time, but will only get it directly through Berrihealth from now on.

Great products! Great service?

I routinely take the lozenges (love their convienience!) and keep a supply of the powder for cereals, yogurt, etc. Have I felt a difference? I cannot say so, but I feel I am taking a top quality product that is good for my health...and it has a pleasant taste, as well! Their customer service is great and fast!

Service and delivery of the product was very good. I have been a bit disappointed in the flavor of the product. The dominant flavor is vegetal, with not much actual berry flavor that I can detect.

hope it works

After being diagnosed with CLL some 3 months back I decided to take things into my own hands. Some 96% of my white blood cells were now cancer. After much online research I decided that I would first go after the majority of the CLL cells through fasting and sublingual administration of CBD. After one month on this regimen my white blood cell count had dropped 20%! I just had tests re-run this morning and I'm now awaiting those results. Once the majority of the CLL is gone I intend to attack the cancer's stem cells with ellagic acid. BRB is the richest source of naturally-occuring ellagic acid that I have found and Berrihealth seems to be the premium source for it. Bless you people for this product. Wish me well. Hope it works.

Liquid is best

Really like the liquid. Find it so convenient and mixes well into liquids. Find the powder crunchy with bits of seeds still evident so would like it ground more. Really like the package combo so can try all the different products

Food is medicine!

The black raspberry powder has been my companion through the recovery of two rare and aggressive cancers as well as preventing a recurrence. Thanks for your excellent work, BerriHealth!

Freeze dried berry powder

The delivery and the quality of the product are impeccable

Flavor enhancer

Improves the taste of high potency
Drink of broccoli sprout extract meal replacement and miracle reds

Purchase Review

Berrihealth provided great customer service. Received product in good condition and sooner them expected. The sales representative was very courteous and answered all my questions.

Love these berries

Best tasting health food ever, and an important part of my cancer fighting regime.