About Us

Back in 2009, Steve Dunfield founded BerriHealth to provide the best black raspberries on the planet. Universities needed high-quality black raspberry powder to continue their work in clinical trials. With our unique mixture of talent, from Dr. Surin Vasdev, a practicing gastroenterologist, to Don Sturm, a 3rd generation farmer here in Oregon, we knew we could rise to the occasion.

Since then we have continued to blaze our own trail, innovating on the farm and in products, as well as launching this website to offer the same quality black raspberry products directly to people around the world.

Our berries are carefully cultivated at our partner farm, and we carefully test and certify every batch of berries that goes into our products to standards well beyond those in the food industry today. When you call us or send us an e-mail, you will still get one of our core team on the phone.

We care about every aspect of our company.

Sometimes it's a lot of work, but that effort driven by a desire to increase the availability of this powerful berry to anyone that is looking to eat food that serves a healthy purpose.

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