NEW - Black Raspberry Gummies!

We wanted to make a gummy that is actually good for you, so we went and made it ourselves! Each gummy is made with northwest clover honey and over 10 black raspberries.

A Powerful Powder

How do we pack so many berries into our super bioavailable powders? The secret is in the freeze-drying!

The Best Berries

Every summer, our black raspberries go straight from our farm into the products we make. You can taste the difference!

Chief Farming Officer

When it comes to growing black raspberries, nobody does it better than Don Sturm and his family farm.

BerriHealth is a small company out in Oregon focused on creating the best authentic black raspberry products on the planet. We got started providing our freeze-dried black raspberry powder to universities for clinical trials, and then got to work making innovative black raspberry products for everyone. Take a look at a few of the black raspberry products we’ve created:

Keeps Cells Healthy

Black raspberries have many times more antioxidant polyphenols than most other berries, including blueberries and blackberries. The unique mixture of phytonutrients in black raspberries may help your body maintain healthy cell function.* 

The Best Berries Start at the Farm

Our black raspberries are grown under the careful eye of Don Sturm. He and his family farm have joined with BerriHealth so we can carefully control everything from soil conditions to irrigation to make sure our berries are always at their best.

Preserving Phytonutrients

Our powders and whole berries use freeze-dry technology to naturally preserve our black raspberries without any harsh chemicals or additives. This enables us to make black raspberry powders with potent whole berry nutrition inside.

Beyond Marketing Labels

We grow the best black raspberries on the planet, and then prove it by testing them. We have partnered with independent labs and a local university to make sure our berries meet our high standards for use in clinical research as well as for our own products.

Here to Help

BerriHealth is a small company, with three Oregon families working together to grow our berries, produce all of our products, and support our customers. We personally take responsibility for the care of our customers. Take a look at our most recent reviews to see what other people think!

"Your Black Raspherry Powder adds great nutrition to my morning oatmeal and occasional smoothies and makes them even healthier. Delivery was as promised. Thank you."

Ingrid J.


"It is great to have these on the nightstand so if you wake up and your throat has any issues, just take one of these and it takes care of everything. Use as if it were a lozenge and suck on it or it can be chewed as a gummy would be used. Thank you for this wonderful product."

Sharon F.

JULY 20TH, 2023

"The powder is delicious. Dark, rich and full of antioxidants - it’s a boost to health and tastebuds. I love it in shakes, yogurt, and oatmeal so far. It’s great and I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

Andrea N.

MAY 19TH, 2023