BerriHealth is a small company out in Oregon focused on creating the best authentic black raspberry products on the planet. We got started providing our freeze-dried black raspberry powder to universities for clinical trials, and then got to work making innovative black raspberry products for everyone. Take a look at a few of the black raspberry products we’ve created:

Who We Are

Our black raspberries are grown under the careful eye of Don Sturm. He and his family farm have joined with BerriHealth so we can carefully control everything from soil conditions to irrigation to make sure our berries are always at their best.


Our powders and whole berries use freeze-dry technology to naturally preserve our black raspberries without any harsh chemicals or additives. This enables us to make black raspberry powders with potent whole berry nutrition inside.


We grow the best black raspberries on the planet, and then prove it by testing them. We have partnered with independent labs and a local university to make sure our berries meet our high standards for use in clinical research as well as for our own products.


BerriHealth is a small company, with three Oregon families working together to grow our berries, produce all of our products, and support our customers. We personally take responsibility for the care of our customers. Take a look at our most recent reviews to see what other people think!