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Articles Mentioning Black Raspberries

Antioxidant Capacity and Phenolic and Phytochemicals in Black Raspberries - Cornell University
“Black raspberries are an excellent source of antioxidants in the human diet. With 10 or more times the antioxidant capacity than many other fruits and vegetables, even a small quantity of black raspberries added to the diet can significantly increase total antioxidant consumption. As few as four average sized berries (2.5 g each) has a greater antioxidant capacity than 100g (3.5 oz.) of many fruits and vegetables. With this level of antioxidant power, black raspberries can be an affordable, low calorie source of antioxidant in anyone’s diet."

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Black Raspberries and Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes: 

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      Black raspberry and the lower GI tract:

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        Noteworthy Books

        E.A.T.:  An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient by Kathy Mydlach-Bero.  Kathy includes BerriHealth and black raspberries in her insightful book.

        N of 1:  One Man's Harvard-Documented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods by Glenn Sabin

        Books by Carolyn Katzin


        BerriHealth Press Releases*

        BerriHealth Launches All-Natural Berry Fiber
        June 29, 2014 BerriHealth launches the first in a line of new fiber products, blending berry powders from their Oregon farm with organic psyllium to make great-tasting and health fiber without artificial colors, sweeteners, and sugars.

        BerriHealth Supports Cancer Research
        February 21, 2014 -- BerriHealth continues to support research for the neuroendocrine tumor and carcinoid cancer community.

        Berri Products LLC Now Member of Northwest Food Processors Association
        January 31, 2014 -- Oregon berry product innovator, Berri Products, announces membership to the Northwest Food Processors Association. Launches Innovative New Berry Powder Blend Containing Full Servings of Premium Berries
        September 18, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC has launched a new product, BerriSpectrum™ AnthoBlend™, that contains a full serving of whole organic California strawberries and Washington blueberries, along with a full serving of their own specially-cultivated Oregon black raspberries.

        Black Raspberry Inhibits Angiogenesis in Human Carcinoid Cancer Tumor Assays
        June 25, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC, an Oregon-based supplier of premium quality black raspberry products shares news from the recently-attended Berry Health Benefits Symposium on angiogenesis inhibition with an in vitro test on human carcinoid cancer cells

        Hepatitis A Outbreak in Costco Organic Berry Blend Linked to Pomegranate Imported From Turkey
        June 06, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC assures customers that their products are not affected by the recent hepatitis A outbreak due to their high level of quality control and use of locally-sourced berries.

        Black Raspberry Capsule Craze Not Supported By Research
        April 24, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC, an Oregon-based supplier of premium quality black raspberry products, sets the record straight on black raspberry capsules.

        Black Raspberries Reduce DNA Damage in Oral Cancer Survivors
        April 11, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC shares a human clinical trial that suggests consumption of phytonutrient-rich black raspberries by oral cancer survivors reduces biochemical markers of DNA damage, is safe, and is well tolerated by oral cancer survivors.

        Black Raspberries May Inhibit Prostate Cancer
        April 10, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC, an Oregon-based company that supplies black raspberry products for clinical trials, shares new research that suggests black raspberries may be beneficial in reducing prostate cancer tumor incidence in rats. The black raspberry powder used in this study was provided by BerriProducts LLC.

        Black Raspberries Slow Colon Cancer Growth and Reduce Inflammation in Colorectal Cancer Patients
        April 09, 2013 -- BerriProducts LLC shares new research in human colorectal cancer patients that bolsters the growing body of evidence supporting the cancer-preventive effects of black raspberries and suggests that eating black raspberries beneficially alters fat metabolism to reduce cancer risk.

        Three Myths About Black Raspberry Capsules Demystified
        June 19, 2012 -- BerriHealth shows that only 1.5 black raspberries are included in one 300mg freeze-dried capsule not the two cups, or 160 berries claimed. The USDA considers 40 black raspberries to be one nutritional serving. This is the equivalent of quantity 27 - 300mg capsules, therefore rendering the "two capsules per day" recommended dose nutritionally ineffective.