Polyphenols, Flavonoids, and Anthocyanins, Oh My! May 20 2024, 0 Comments

What’s in a Black Raspberry?

We like to let the research do the talking when it comes to black raspberries, but it can be confusing when words like polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins seem to be used interchangeably. What are these compounds, and how do they relate to the black raspberry? This newsletter will be the first in a new series explaining some of the fundamental components of a black raspberry!



Polyphenols are a large, diverse group of plant nutrients that can be found in foods like dark chocolate, spices, whole grains, tea leaves, fruits, and vegetables. There are thousands of types of polyphenols, but one of the main polyphenols found in black raspberries is…


Flavonoids are plant pigments that are divided into six main classes. They can be found in anything from tea leaves and lemons to berries. One role of flavonoids is to help plants attract pollinators, and many flowers get their colors from flavonoids! The class of flavonoid found in the highest amounts in black raspberries is…


Anthocyanins are a subset of flavonoids that give some fruits and vegetables a deep red, purple, or black color. Plants have the ability to synthesize anthocyanins in nature to use as an antioxidant, as protection against UV light and microbes, and as a response to environmental stresses like cold or drought!

Black raspberries have some of the highest concentrations of anthocyanins of any fruit, which makes them high in antioxidant activity and a healthy addition to any meal. It’s also one of the reasons black raspberries have been used in many research studies.


For our black raspberry products, we use whole black raspberries picked at peak ripeness. This is not only to maximize the unique anthocyanins that our black raspberries contain, but also to make sure you are getting all the other polyphenols and healthy nutrients found in the natural berry.

As we continue this series, we are excited to share with you some of the research on polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, and how to easily add these healthy compounds to your day.