Our Story

About BerriHealth

BerriHealth is located in Corvallis, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, one of the richest and most fertile agricultural resources in the world. This allows us to work directly with local farms to ensure the best quality of black raspberries, and a streamlined process from picking them at the farm to a package showing up at your doorstep. 

For over 70 years our partner family farm has been carefully cultivating black raspberries in the foothills of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Our special berries are grown using ecological farming methods and are packed with healthy nutrients.

Our carefully cultivated berries, combined with our strict quality control and testing standards, have helped BerriHealth become the leading supplier of black raspberry products to more than 15 research institutions worldwide. We have partnered with independent laboratories and multiple universities to test every harvest for quality and potency.

Eco-Friendly Practices

When we set out to found this company, we wanted to make sure we would minimize our impact on the environment. After all, it is our natural environment that allows us to stay so healthy and battle many of the issues we have! This is truly a commitment for us. We don't want to just try and sell ourselves as a Green company.

Our black raspberries (rubus occidentalis) all come from within the state of Oregon where we are located. This means that we are supporting local farmers, and also reducing transportation and storage costs.

We grow our berries using drip irrigation and sustainable growing methods, focused on building a healthy ecosystem of plants, insects, and soil.


Why Us?

You already have a lot of information on our background, who we are, and where our berries come from, so we will try and keep this simple.

  1. Black raspberries are well-researched and are a concentrated source of healthy nutrients, polyphenols, and fiber, while being relatively low in sugar. 
  2. We take whole black raspberries straight from our partner farm and keep them all-natural by not adding anything (or removing anything but water) between the time they are picked and when they show up at your door.
  3. At BerriHealth, we keep things local, working with responsible farms and nearby Oregon companies. This not only helps local businesses, but also lessens our impact on the environment. 
  4. Our goal isn't to spend of bunch of money on marketing. We are focused on investing our time and money on bringing you better quality products at competitive prices while supporting research efforts involving black raspberries. 

If you want a high quality product that has decades of research and may help significantly with cancer prevention as well as with your everyday health, you won't regret purchasing our products.