Black Raspberry Gummies - 20 Count

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The Power of Black Raspberries in the Palm of your Hand

Note: Because of the cost of producing the gummies, this product is not eligible for our loyalty program discounts.

When we first set out to make a black raspberry gummy, we reached out to gummy manufactures to see if they could make a healthy gummy that was packed full of black raspberries. It turns out most gummies are closer to a candy than a healthy food. When we couldn't find what we needed, we decided to go make the gummies ourselves. Over a year later, our first batch of carefully crafted gummies are available! Here is the rundown:

  • Black raspberry extract is the main ingredient. Each gummy delivers a half serving of extract, and is made from over 10 berries.
  • We then used northwest clover honey, a classic remedy for soothing sore throats.
  • Our gummies come together using plant-based pectin instead of gelatin, and are vegetarian.
  • Instead of coating our gummies with sugar, oils, or wax, we are using organic tapioca powder.
  • Every pouch of our gummies contains over 10% more berries than our bottles of lozenges!

Not only did we get 10 times as many berries as some manufacturers had initially proposed to us, but we made our gummies with a great list of ingredients that we feel confident comparing to any other gummy on the market.

Our gummies are easy to eat, or can be held in the mouth for around 10 minutes to slowly coat the mouth and throat with black raspberry polyphenols. We hope you like them!

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patrick f.

Black Raspberry Gummies - 20 Count

Great Berri Health Gummies

Just ordered the Berri Health Gummies. Had tried their lozenges for extra immunity help when I felt a cold or flu coming on and thought they worked great. The gummies are tastier and hopefully will work the same as the lozenges. Like the packaging as well, can slip in my coat or handbag as I go out.


Tastes great!

Rosemary S.

Dealing with Berri ..... is indeed a Pleasure, from the phone call to order to the reception of your Order! THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT SERVICE BERRI....

Eileen S.
Yummy Gummies

I really like the lightly tart taste. Very Tasty!

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