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The Berry Bundle Sampler - Black Raspberry Powder, Single Serving Packs, and Extract

$59.95 $70.85

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This berry bundle gives you an unique sampler of our products to try them out, and also makes for a great gift for family and friends! It contains:

  • One 100 gram pouch of freeze-dried black raspberry powder, made from whole ripe black raspberries (rubus occidentalis) right here from Oregon.
  • One box containing 10 single serving packs of the same authentic black raspberry powder to take on the go.
  • One 2 oz bottle of premium black raspberry extract, created using the whole berry and extensively tested to make sure it contains the same anthocyanins.

This sample pack is being offered for $59.95, which is a substantial savings compared to buying all of these items separately. 

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The Berry Bundle Sampler - Black Raspberry Powder, Single Serving Packs, and Extract

Kept me going

I have Crohn’s disease and have trouble digesting fruit. Your products get me the nutrition I need to stay healthy

Black Raspberries

So far I’ve only tasted the berries. Good flavour but seeds stuck in every tooth. I heard your product is good for cancer. At this time I have leukaemia and lung cancer, so here’s hoping. I must say I was shocked at the shipping price.

It's Berry, Berry Good!

I recently purchased the Berry Bundle Sampler. Everything arrived promptly and in good order. The flavor is delicious, and I'm getting so many health benefits. I use the Black Raspberry Powder every day in my morning smoothie, and I love using either the powder or the extract as a drink with sparkling water. I also mix either the powder or the extract with unsweetened pomegranate juice (preferably fresh), sometimes cut with a bit of sparkling water, sometimes not, for a refreshing cooler The two flavors blend perfectly, and the natural sweetness of the berries cuts the tartness of the pomegranate.

Excited to use this product!!!

I truly appreciate the lightning fast shipment and look forward to using the proven health and healing benefits of black raspberry. I found the bundle to be exactly what I needed. I have great expectations of health improvements from using this and love the convenience of the packets as well as the immediacy of using the extract.. Thank you for your care and user friendly breakdowns on amounts to be used.