BerriHealth Premium Alcohol Free Black Raspberry Extract - 2 oz Glass Bottles


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Pure Authentic Black Raspberry Extract

Our black raspberry extract is made solely from our authentic whole black raspberries, and has no added sugars, flavors, or preservatives. It is also specially formulated to be alcohol free! This powerful black raspberry extract is carefully crafted to faithfully represent the water soluble phytonutrients in the black raspberry without the fiber and seeds. Each bottle of extract now comes with a separate dropper cap for your convenience.

Extracting the Whole Berry

Many attempts have been made at isolating specific compounds from the black raspberry, but none of them have been as effective as the whole complex mixture of beneficial nutrients and compounds. That is why when we created our black raspberry extract, we started with the whole berry and kept all of those phytonutrients intact. Our extract has been tested by an independent research lab to contain the whole unique phytonutrient fingerprint found in whole black raspberries. Every bottle is made from approximately 400 of our authentic Oregon Black Raspberries.

Developed and Tested With Researchers

We aren't a giant research institution, but we work with them. We had our extract tested by researchers at a university in the Southeast United States to make sure that in their tests our extract had the same anti-angiogenic effects as freeze-dried powder. We are the only company on the market to do this.

Usage Information

A single serving is about 3 mL, or three droppers full of our black raspberry extract (a little over half a teaspoon). Simply take with water, or add to a drink, smoothie, or any other food or beverage. Take up to 4 servings per day. Try out our Berry Calculator to get equivalent servings for various black raspberry products.

Store unopened bottles in a cool, dry place, and store in refrigerator after opening.

Consult your physician before beginning any new supplement regimen.

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Customer Reviews

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A Little Black Raspberry

I love this product! I keep a bottle at home and one at my office so I never miss out. Great product! Highly recommend this one and all of BerriHealth's products. The black raspberry powder is easy and convenient to use in your meal replacement shakes. The lozenges are also something I have at home, at my office and carry one in my purse.


Excellent product


BerriHealth Premium Alcohol Free Black Raspberry Extract - 2 oz Glass Bottles

An excellent product

I first bought it for the health benefits. (There's good information on it in PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed journals. A search is easy.) But it tastes good too.

It's not good for hi-octane sugar addicts--though the freeze dried berries and pieces are pleasantly sweet. For some reason, mixing the powder in with almond butter seems to make it quite sweet to me. (I haven't tried other nut butters yet.) The powder would certainly pair well with a French vanilla ice cream.also. I'm always experimenting with things to add it to.

The extract doesn't have a strong taste, though perhaps slightly medicinal--and is good for getting my black raspberries, in a tea drink. (Though I put it in when the tea is getting cooler, as I've been told that putting it in boiling water would reduce some of the nutrients.)

A healthful product, grown in the U.S., and sold by a small business (which has absolutely great service)--it's hard to ask for anything more. I'm a repeat and happy customer--and will continue to buy black raspberries from Berrihealth.

Prompt service

Prompt service and high quality product

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