Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouch


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Black Raspberries Pack a Powerful Punch

Black raspberries are an all-American superfruit full of antioxidant polyphenols and anthocyanins to help you stay healthy.* BerriHealth has been carefully crafting black raspberry products for over 7 years for researchers, clinical studies, and also directly for customers. Each bag of powder is made from about 500 whole black raspberries, grown by our partner family farms in Oregon, and has no added sugars, flavors, or

Our black raspberry powder is:

  • Great-tasting.
  • Low in sugar and high in fiber compared to other berries.
  • One of the most studied, nutrient-rich berries in the world.
  • A very concentrated source of flavonoids like anthocyanins and quercetin.
  • A source of other polyphenols like ellagic acid.
  • Vegan, NON-GMO, Gluten Free.

BerriHealth Means Authentic “Rubus Occidentalis” Black Raspberries.

We stand behind our black raspberries because we are involved in every step. This picture of black raspberries? We took it ourselves, on our partner farm, right before harvest. These same berries go into our black raspberry powder. With all the issues with supplements these days, you will always know where our berries come from, and that they are genuine black raspberries.

Our partner farm has been ecologically farming black raspberries for over 70 years, up on a plateau next to the beautiful Columbia Gorge here in Oregon. They work with local government sustainability programs to study everything from native Oregon bees to keeping healthy soil conditions.

Our freeze-dried black raspberries have been used in clinical trials at multiple top research universities here in the United States. Our berries are used because of their high quality and levels of beneficial nutrients, as well as our strict approach to quality control and product testing.

Because of this commitment to quality, our black raspberry powder is the best on the planet. You can see and taste the difference.

Here are just a few ways to add healthy black raspberries to your day:

Healthy Smoothie Boost

Our black raspberry powder makes for a great addition to any smoothies, like this one with purple kale, dates, and banana. Because black raspberries are so rich in anthocyanins, they will give any smoothie a rich purple color

Black Raspberry Tea

With our black raspberry powder, you can easily stir in a serving into your tea for a delicious berry flavor. We love adding it to green or black tea for even more antioxidant goodness.

Be Creative!

Our black raspberry powder can be quickly mixed into drinks, smoothies, oatmeal, or cereal; but the possibilities don’t end there. Sprinkle some on a salad, mix into a savory sauce, or even try out some homemade black raspberry popsicles.

Usage Information:

Each serving is 4 grams, or around 1 rounded teaspoon and contains 20 of our authentic Oregon-grown black raspberries. Add this powder to a drink, cereal, oatmeal, or a smoothie. Take the powder with water or some other liquid. Try out our Berry Calculator to get equivalent servings for various black raspberry products.

Why Buy From Us?

Customer Reviews

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Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder

This is my 2nd order. I like to add the powder to my lemon-blueberry smoothie. Shipping is fast, I will be ordering again when this order runs low. I also ordered the blackberry extract to add to my mineral water, on the 1st order.

Pamela S.
Great flavor

The Black Rasberry powder is a delicious addition to my smoothies. I sometimes just take a small spoonful for a sweet treat. Has a great flavor - sweets for my non sugar diet. Nice packaging too.

Liza C.
Best for health

Black raspberry is a very healthy food, so I sprinkle it on top every time I have granola or yogurt. This freeze-dried raspberry powder is a godsend since it does not go bad like fresh berries do, and I have it on hand anytime.

patrick f.

Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Gram Pouch

Consistently high quality

I have been purchasing this product for many, many years and it has been wonderful and beneficial for health. Customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend this to everyone.

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