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Are black raspberries the same as blackberries?

Black raspberries (rubus occidentalis) are a variation of raspberries that are found only in a few geographic regions in the world. They are very different than blackberries as they have much higher levels of antioxidants and other active ingredients that are of benefit to a person's health.

Why don't you sell black raspberry capsules?

To put it simply, black raspberry capsules are not backed by clinical research and do not contain enough black raspberry powder to be nutritionally significant. Capsules in fact are a detriment to the benefits of taking black raspberries in the case of mouth and upper GI issues, because they limit direct contact with affected areas.  For more detailed information, click here.


Help! I want to figure out how much powder/extract/whole berries is in a serving!

Luckily, we have made a handy calculator for you to use!

Are these berries really frozen? What exactly is "freeze-drying" anyway?

Our freeze-dried black raspberry products aren't actually frozen! During the freeze-drying process, the berries are frozen and then through a process called sublimation all the water in the berries goes from a solid state to a gas. This allows us to remove the water while preserving the cellular structure and nutritional portions of the berry. It also gives our products a very long shelf-life.

How many pounds of fresh/frozen black raspberries are in one pound of freeze-dried black raspberry powder?

Although there is variation in the water content of black raspberries, one pound of freeze-dried black raspberries is equivalent to approximately 5 pounds of fresh/frozen black raspberries. This is why it's so much easier to easily eat a serving of black raspberries with our freeze-dried products.

Are your black raspberries organic?

No. Our berries are not sprayed with anything, but the select Oregon farms we have chosen to work with do not grow organic black raspberries at this time. In fact, our growing methods in many ways go beyond organic to produce the highest quality and cleanest berries we can. We started this business to supply our berries to clinical trials when other berries did not pass the stringent requirements. We run an extensive array of tests, including testing for pesticides and harmful chemicals. We would do this even if our berries were organic, as organic growers can still use non-synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and may have microbial contamination if not done properly. With us, it is all about partnering the farms to produce the highest quality berry we can. For more information on our integrated and sustainable growing practices, check out the "About Us" section!

How should I store my freeze-dried black raspberries?

Our packaging protects our product from UV light, oxygen, and water exposure. Unopened, it can be stored in your pantry or any other cool dry place (they do not have to be stored in a freezer). After opening, we recommend storing it with a clip in your freezer to reduce any potential oxidation and water reabsorption. This is purely to maximize the antioxidant potential of our freeze-dried black raspberries.


What is Gentle Packaging Technology*?

Gentle Packaging Technology* is similar to vacuum-sealed packaging in that oxygen is removed from our product pouches. With Gentle Packaging Technology, the removed oxygen is then replaced with nitrogen. The nitrogen “gently” protects berries from being crushed or powders from becoming too hard and compacted in the pouch. It’s a great way to keep our unopened products shelf-stable for years and then easy to use when opened. We also hermetically seal our powder packages for a tamper proof seal for your safety.

How do you handle international shipping?

We calculate all international shipping live during the check-out phase. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for any taxes and tariffs that your country applies for received goods from the United States, and making sure you can receive our products in your country. This is not an issue in Canada.

Can my billing and shipping address be different?

Yes. With our new checkout system you can ship to any more than one legitimate address and bill to another. Perfect for gift giving!