Healthy and Delicious Smoothies


Black Raspberry and Purple Kale Smoothie

Try this anthocyanin-rich, delicious smoothie. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants studied by many researchers!

 Black Raspberry Peach Melba

This smoothie uses peaches and Greek yogurt for a tasty, balanced smoothie.

Protein Shake With A Black Raspberry Powder Boost

Protein powder is a great way to get extra nutrients into a smoothie or shake without too much hassle. Black raspberry protein shakes with vanilla protein powder are one of our favorites at the office.

Black Raspberry and Pomegranate Frosty

Our pomegranate and berry frosty brings together two foods with a long history of being healthy and good for you.  This is a another great smoothie to make after a long day outside in the sun.

Black Raspberry Kale Energy Booster

Black raspberries provide an intense, rich berry flavor that pairs well with many veggies. Our black raspberry and kale smoothie is a great way to get some more vegetables in your diet.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Cream

 Vanilla yogurt and banana add a rich, creamy texture to this smoothie.  Yum!

Black Raspberry Cinnamon Apple/Pear Smoothie

One of our favorite things to do recently has been adding spices to our smoothies.  Not only can they have some unique health benefits, but they can turn and everyday drink into something more exotic.  Apple and cinnamon are a pretty classic pairing.

Black Raspberry Chocolate Protein Shake

Whether you're headed to work or to a workout, try this fast, delicious and nutritious protein shake.



Refreshing Drinks

Refreshing Black Raspberry OJ Spritzer

Sometimes it is nice to whip up a quick, refreshing drink that tastes good but has more than just sugar in it. We experimented with a lot of cool combinations, but one of our favorites was this simple orange juice spritzer. It's easy to make, only has a few ingredients, and we've already put it to use on a few hot days in the last couple of weeks.

Black Raspberry Ice Tea

Brew up a batch of your favorite tea, let it cool until it is the perfect sipping temperature, and then mix in a teaspoon of any of our berry powders to add a sweet, colorful blast of berry goodness.

Berry Lemonade Delight

Nothing takes the edge off a summer afternoon like lemonade. With this unique twist on a classic drink, we add some black raspberry powder to create a black raspberry lemonade that is sure to be a hit with friends and family.

Black Raspberry Cocktail

The perfect addition to a dinner party, our black raspberry cocktail adds a touch of black raspberry extract to your favorite sangria or wine spritzer.

Black Raspberry Soda

Hey, sometimes we just want a nice carbonated drink! Add in black raspberries to a citrus soda and get some polyphenols with your pop.



Other Tasty Berry Creations

Black Raspberry Bran Muffins 

Great fiber and great taste in these delicious muffins made with our Whole Black Raspberries!

Black Raspberry Popsicles 

A healthy treat for the whole family to enjoy!

A Peanut Butter Sandwich with Healthy Berry Jam

By adding just a bit of water or applesauce, we can make a delicious berry spread that tastes great, but also doesn't have anything else added. You also don't need to cook the berries, so all those heat-sensitive micronutrients in our healthy berries stay intact!

BerriFibre and Black Raspberry Powder Camping Trip

Whether you’re out backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail or car camping with your family, it’s important to stay regular. So, it’s a good idea to toss a BerriFibre or a Black Raspberry Powder pouch into your backpack. Our powders have lots of natural fiber, are quick and easy to use, require no refrigeration, and are delicious, too!

Black Raspberry Applesauce Spread

This berry applesauce goes well with anything from yogurt to pancakes to pork chops! Black raspberries add a great dark purple color, some extra healthy phytonutrients, and a delicious berry taste.

Black Raspberry Hot Chocolate

We added Black Raspberry Extract to hot chocolate which makes it taste like a gourmet indulgence, but at the same time, it makes it more nutritious.

Black Raspberry Hot Fudge Sauce

Chocolate and black raspberry is a winning combination.  Add some black raspberry extract to hot fudge and you've made one very special, delicious sauce!

Carol's "Secret" Mixed Berry Pie 

Black Raspberry Extract is the "secret" ingredient in this special berry pie.