Learn More About the Family Behind Sturm's Berry Farm January 19 2016, 0 Comments

Don and Rosie Sturm, along with their family pictured to the left (Picture from Country Folks Grower), have run Sturm’s Berry Farm out in Corbett, Oregon for decades. Their family farm has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1940s, and they have been growing black raspberries for just about as long. These days, their son and daughter help keep things running too, and while their grandchildren are still a little too young to be doing much work around the farm, they are always a joy to have around.

Sturm's Berry Farm was one of the key ingredients to the founding of Berrihealth back in 2009. The time and care they put into growing black raspberries gave us the opportunity to create pure black raspberry powders to use in clinical trials when berries from other sources did not meet their quality standards. The special berries on this farm, along with our strict quality control and testing methods, have helped BerriHealth become the leading supplier of black raspberries for research. 

We couldn't be more thankful to have them as a part of our company, and want to share this amazing article from Country Folks Grower, "Black Raspberries are good medicine at Sturm's Berry Farm." It gives a nice look at both the family and the farm