5 Great Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season! December 09 2015, 0 Comments

Are you looking for some unique AND healthy gift ideas? Check these out…..

  1. A smoothie kit! Many of us own some form of blender, but a lot of times they will sit unused because we get tired of the same old smoothies! Of course our black raspberry powder would be a great addition, but also get creative with spices like ginger or cinnamon. They can add a nice kick to any smoothie and are healthy too.
  2. A smoothie recipe book and a bag of one of our freeze-dried powders is another great way to help someone you love kick off the new year. Tie a ribbon around them and you are giving a gift that is sure to inspire some delicious smoothies!
  3. If you are looking to give something warm and decadent this winter, wrap up a mug, your favorite hot chocolate mix, some marshmallows and a bottle of our Black Raspberry Extract. Tuck in a card with our recipe for Black Raspberry Hot Chocolate and you’ve got a unique gift that is sure to warm anyone’s heart.
  4. BerriHealth’s Black Raspberry Extract is so delicious and easy to add to drinks, that you can pair it with lots of drinking vessels. Everything from a teacup to a set of ice tea glasses or wine glasses (here are our Black Raspberry Ice Tea and Black Raspberry Cocktail recipes).
  5. Lastly for a perfect stocking stuffer, tie a beautiful bow around a Black Raspberry extract bottle or pop it into a festive gift pouch and you truly have a special gift that is both delicious AND healthy!